EP2 JeffBooth – Bitcoin, Gold, Confiscation, Exponential Stimulus and Money Printing


*Why this message is important
*Sheep, Sheepdogs, Wolves
*Foundational Concept: Inflation steals our time, Deflation frees our time
*Growing up in an inflationary system makes it hard for people to imagine anything else
*How the rate of inflation under traditional measurement does not factor in the loss of purchasing power not measured by the negative bias caused by technology
*Why Bitcoin is needed: The System Cannot Change Itself
*Key Principles:
*Technology Is Deflationary
*The rate of increase in productivity due to technology (rate of inflation) is increasing exponentially
*All of the printing and monetary policy is a reaction to the deflationary forces of technology
*Technology drives the cost of things lower until it reaches free
*Technology today requires a currency that allows for deflation
*Inflationary systems build corruption into the foundation of society and accelerates it
*Because technology is causing deflation exponentially, the amount of stimulus must also increase exponentially or the system will implode
*If the amount of stimulus increases exponentially, it will implode regardless
*The net result is, the system is now guaranteed to implode

*All current measurements for measuring the economy are broken, because the underlying base layer is dishonest
*Bitcoin may be the only true measurement of what is happening in the economy right now
*Measuring GDP is no longer useful as all of the numbers reflect a derivative of an already skewed metric
*Inflationary policy is causing massive misallocations of capital, and is furthering wealth inequality which leads to societal instability in the form of war, revolution, or civil unrest
*Inflationary policy is also driving trade wars as sovereigns are seeking strategically critical materials
*Without a peaceful transition to Bitcoin, consolidation of power because of further inflationary response could lead to a future where surveillance technology, robotics, and AI are used against the people to enforce despotism
*Bitcoin will over time become easier and easier to use
*Bitcoin is matching the adoption of the internet, and in internet terms its 1997
*Starlink has the potential to massively increase the network effects of Bitcoin
*Increased stimulus will exacerbate the wealth divide and agitate civil unrest, which will lead to more stimulus and universal basic income
*The best thing people on the lower economic side of the equation could do is take UBI and invest in Bitcoin
*Under a Bitcoin monetary system politicians would have to run on the truth
*Decentralization of resources and talent will continue to be driven based on regional policies
*Evaluating Risks to Bitcoin
*Gold vs Bitcoin
*Risks to having all wealth in real estate
*Why people will want to keep value in Bitcoin and never convert it back to USD


AlexCast EP1 – Jim Rickards

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